Halde Flyer 44The Mineralienhalde Grube Clara in Wolfach-Kirnbach offers you the unique opportunity to search by yourself for rare minerals. Daily new supplies of ore from the mine „Grube Clara“, with about 400 types of minerals one of the world’s richest mines in minerals, promises findings of rare and beautiful treasures.





The Mineralienhalde Grube Clara is an exiting alternation from daily routine and gives you an interesting insight in the world of minerals, not only for experienced collectors of minerals and stones, but as also for families with children.





– NEWS –

Start (new):                                                  31. march 2018

Dates of „Large Stockpiles“:

21. + 22. april 2018
04. + 05. august 2018
22. + 23. september 2018

TV report „Markus and the minerals“

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The Mineralienhalde is now at TripAdvisor!

Since a couple of weeks the mineralienhalde can be found at the international travelling site TripAdvisor. If you want to leave your comments about the Halde there, just follow the logo at  the right site, search for Mineralienhalde and write your rating. We are looking forward to read your comments!.


French television reports about the Mineralienhalde

Already at the beginning of the new season, the French Television station ALSACE 3 visited the Mineralienhalde for informing its audience about destinations and activities in the near black forest.

Please click here to see the report